The founder of the company, Late Shri Dhirajlal Vora & Shri Jitesh Vora are both civil engineers from esteemed universities. Jayneel Vora the next gen managing director of JVC company is an Interior Architect with an eye for detail and finishing. Shri Dhirajlal Vora has built some iconic structures and done some legendary land reclamation operations for the city of Mumbai. As a company we are dedicated to quality and performance.

Few of the shuttering systems we are equipped to use in our projects :

Jump Form System

Jump Form System

It is a highly-productive system designed to increase speed and efficiency while minimizing labour and crane time. Systems are normally modular and can be joined to form long lengths to suit varying construction geometries. This technology is very efficient in terms of manpower, ensures world class construction quality and helps in achieving the project timelines.

  • Reduces turnover time
  • Operational in high winds making it suitable for coastal regions like Mumbai
  • Not Labour Intensive

Jump form, here taken to include systems often described as climbing form, is suitable for construction of multi-storey vertical concrete elements in high-rise structures, such as:

  • Shear walls
  • Core walls
  • Lift shafts
  • Stair shafts
  • Bridge pylons
Aluminium shuttering

Aluminium shuttering

This is the latest in formwork technology. It is an aluminium formwork system focused on mass construction activity and affordable housing. It saves time and money while ensuring quality and strength. This method of construction reduces the timeframe by half compared to conventional practices. It also minimizes the need for skilled labour.
On the structural front this system make the buildings more seismic - resistant and durable. Since there are lesser joints, leakages and other issues are minimal thereby reducing the maintenance and after care of the structure. The walls and the slabs of the building have a smoother finish. It also enables us to provide more carpet area to the end user as compared to conventional techniques.

Conventional Cup - Lock System

Conventional Cup - Lock System

Cup-lock type Scaffolding is a system used as both high load carrier and facade scaffolding. This is a scaffolding system with high endurance and safety values used in heavy laying and taller building constructions. It is particularly used as below-beam carrier scaffolding system.
Mounting and dismounting is considerably easy. Versatile and durable, our Cup Lock Scaffolding Systems are built to efficiently assist with construction and various support structures.